7 Different Toppings to try this Pancake Tuesday

This year why limit yourself to the classic lemon and sugar or adding banana to heaps of nutella? This Pancake Tuesday maybe try something new….

Bacon and berries

Combine sweet and savoury with this gorgeous pancake!

Classic lemon and sugar ++

Take the classic pancake combination to the next level adding blueberry syrup. Read more from the chef.

Cookie dough

Instead of sprinkling chocolate chips on top of your pancakes, add them to the dough instead.

Passion fruit and kumquat

Give your pancakes the tropical feel adding this tangy fruit.

Apple and cinnamon

Transform your pancakes into a deconstructed apple tart; add a dollop of whipped cream for pure yumminess.

Fried egg and avocado

Love your smashed avocado in the morning? You’ll love this savoury pancake!

Orange chocolate

Orange chocolate pancakes filled with mashed berries! OMG!! Read more from the chef.