8 Steps to Designing your Own Kitchen

The kitchen is such a focal point of any home, it is worth taking the time to design the kitchen that best fits your life and family.

  1. Decide what kind of Kitchen you want
    How will you use your kitchen? Do you want more space? More light? Do you simply want to spruce up your outdated style, or are your old appliances rusty and fit for the skip? Maybe it’s a combination of all these things.

List out exactly what you are looking for and then from that list detail the appliances and fixtures will you need. What are the must haves, what are the nice to haves?

  1. Set your Budget
    Although, technically this should come first, it is nice to have an idea of what time of kitchen you want and items you need to purchase. Set out a total figure for everything, and then see how much of your dream kitchen you can create within this budget.
  1. Measure your Current Kitchen & Create a Floor & Wall Plan
    This is very important, make a simple drawing of your kitchen with measurements and then using this make a floor and wall for your new kitchen. Don’t forget to measure windows, doors and the length of presses. Make sure to consider your storage! There’s plenty of videos or blogs online on how to measure a kitchen accurately.
  1. Choose your New Kitchen Shape

It might be really obvious what shape your kitchen is going to be but if not take the time to look at the different options available. There are some useful online kitchen planners provided by kitchen design companies, which we’ve included links for below.

IKEA Kitchen Planner
One of the most searched for planners on google, the IKEA Kitchen Planner is free, easy to use, and allows you to easily map out your envisaged kitchen. You can then download your masterpiece and hand over to a kitchen supply and fit company.

Magnet Kitchen Planner
This easy-to use online Kitchen planner tool from Magnet allows to choose between 10 different kitchen layouts, measure different sizes, swap and change different textures, materials and appliances.

Cash and Carry Kitchen Planner
The Cash and Carry kitchen planner is a simpler version of the above tools but is still a useful resource that allows you to look at five different kitchen shapes, gives an example of a finished kitchen sketch, and then a space for you to draw your own.

  1. Choose your Kitchen Cabinets & Worktops
    The next step is to choose what kind of cabinets you want – these are the main focal point of your kitchen so take the time to consider this. What type – modern or traditional? What colour? What type of handles? Imagine will you be able to live with your choice for 10 years? With your worktops remember to consider use as well as design and look.
  1. Plan your Storage
    Often overlooked but vital to enjoying your kitchen. It may not be as fun as choosing the colours for your new kitchen but make sure to take the time to consider this aspect.
  1. Add in the other Kitchen Details
    Now you’ve done the main structure add in the details. This is the fun part – the backsplash, the floor.
  1. Choose your Sink, Taps, Lighting and Appliances
    The final part is choosing your appliances, lighting, taps and sink. These are going to need to fit in with the overall tone and aesthetic of your new kitchen. There are plenty of blogs and articles with ideas or head to Pinterest for more ideas!

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