A Christmas Loan from us is cheaper than using your Credit Card

Yes, it’s true! Getting a loan from Bruff Credit Union is cheaper than running up debt on your credit card. Look at the rate comparison table below to see how much cheaper a loan from us really is.

Some other reasons to borrow from us:

  • Better rate
  • No administration or transaction fees
  • No penalities for early or lump sum repayment
  • Easy loan application
  • Same Day Loans up to €5000. Click here for more information 

Rate comparison table: Bruff Credit Union Loan v Credit Card

Bruff Credit Union11.02%
AIB Credit Cards13.8%17%22.9%
Ulster Bank Credit Cards16.1%22.7%
KBC Credit Card18.25%
Bank of Ireland Credit Cards19.6%22.1%
Avant Card Credit Card20.6%
Permanent TSB Credit Card22.53%
An Post Money Credit Card22.9%
Chill Money Credit Card22.9%

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