Re-Activate Your Dormant Account

Have you a forgotten account with us still holding your communion money? Re-activating your credit union account is quick and easy. Once your account is re-activated you can start saving with us and enjoying the many benefits of membership of Bruff Credit Union; including applying for a loan, online services, Death Benefit Insurance and secure savings to mention a few.

What documentation do you need to re-activate your account?

  • Proof of ID: Valid Passport or Drivers Licence (Full or Provisional)
  • Proof of Address: Utility Bill, Bank Statement or Revenue letters/documents, House/Car insurance letter, dated within the last 3 months

How does an account become dormant ?

The rules under which Bruff Credit Union operates require that Member accounts that are inactive are marked as Dormant. This means that as a member you have not performed any transactions on your account in the last 36 months and under Rule 22 of the Standard rules for Credit Unions (ROI), and in line with Government Legislation regarding dormant accounts, the account is then marked dormant.

What happens when your account is made Dormant?

Your account will be classified as Dormant. Your shares/savings are still in your account and you will continue to earn any dividend annually on them. You will not be able to transact until your ID has been updated and you make at least one transaction.

What now?

Call into our office (click here to see our opening hours) to complete a new application form with the necessary documentation to re-activate your Bruff Credit Union account.