Reasons why you should borrow from Bruff Credit Union

Discounted loan rates
Our promotional personal loan rate of 8.62% is available now and is 18% off our standard rate. Borrow from €5000 to €30,000 for any personal purpose, big or small!

High loan approval rates
Bruff Credit Union is in the business of saying ‘yes’. In 2022 we approved 96% of loan applications. 

Flexibility on loan repayments
A top reason to consider a Bruff Credit Union loan is our flexible approach to loan repayments. We understand that life can get in the way of your finances. Borrowers can find themselves in a situation where they are unable to meet their loan repayments for a time. This is not a problem at the credit union. Your loan officer will work with you to restructure your repayments to make life easier on you. You’ll have the option to increase your repayment amounts again if you wish.

On the flip side, maybe you’ll find that you want to pay off your loan earlier than scheduled. Or you may even have a lump sum you want to use to clear the loan. Again, never a problem at the credit union; and there is no financial penalty for doing so. 

No Fees
Bruff Credit union loans do not carry any hidden fees; no administration or transaction charges will be added to the cost of your loan. The final cost of credit which you agree to will always be the final cost. Unless you opt to change the terms of your loan.

Loan protection insurance
Loan protection insurance means your loan is paid for by Bruff Credit Union in the unlikely event of your death. This enables you to borrow from your credit union in the confidence that your dependents won’t have to repay the outstanding balance of your loan. 

Interest on the declining balance
You only pay interest on the outstanding balance of your loan. Therefore, you only pay interest on what you owe at that time. 

Personal Service
When you apply for a loan through your local credit union, you can be assured of an open-minded, honest and transparent process. Credit unions will always give you a fair hearing. We take the time to understand the wide-ranging reasons behind each and every loan application, and will do our utmost to approve the loan.

Applying is Easy
Applying with us is quick and easy.

Credit unions are a community-based organisation and do not exist to make profits or to exploit those who are in need of financial assistance. Those who borrow from credit unions are known as members, and it is you, the member, who own the credit union. Key to the lending decision made by the credit union is your ability to repay the loan. The credit union loan officer will look at your income and outgoings to determine what will best suit your circumstances. They will never suggest that you take on a loan that will result in unnecessary debt or financial stress.
Credit unions are open to all types of loans. Home improvements or home loans, a new car, a dream wedding, the holiday of a lifetime, kitting the kids out for school, dental work, business and agri loans.