The Credit Unions list of the Best Electric Cars for 2020

  1. Nissan Leaf
    This is the original and still the most popular – with sales far surpassing all other EV’s. The Leaf is now in its second generation and is a much better all-rounder than the original model. It’s faster, better to drive, bigger inside and capable of much longer distances between charges.

Range: 243km
Price: €37,940

  1. Tesla Model 3
    The most famous of EV’s! A very well-engineered car; the dual-motor performance is fast, with adept handling. A range of 300 miles while still looking stunning!

Range: 482km
Price: €48,900

  1. Renault Zoe
    One of the most attractively priced EV’s, this compact car with its bold design has been upgraded from its predessor to include a better battery and interior.

Range: 394km
Price: €36,720

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  1. Audi eTron
    The eTron doesn’t look like an electric car but a beautiful, silent, lightweight family car with a high spec finished interior that you would expect from Audi. A well built and developed car, easy to drive and manage.

Range: 402km
Price: €62,700

  1. The Hyundai Kona Electric
    One of the best electric cars on the market, with a good fast charger, an impressive driving range up to 449km. It is the first electric compact SUV in Europe.

Range: 482 km
Price: €38,000

  1. Jaguar iPace
    Jaguar say it is a true driver’s car. Top Gear gave it 8/10. An all-electric SUV that rivals the Tesla. Looks gorgeous with 20 inch wheels, plenty of acceleration, interior space and a big boot.

Range: 407km
Price: €82,000

  1. The Hyundai ICONIQ Electric
    One of the nicest looking electric cars on the market, competing with the popular Nissan Leaf.

Range: 280km
Price: €42,000

  1. Kia eNiro
    Like other models, the Kia eNiro comes with two battery options which can be handy for those not going long distances.

Range: 289 km
Price: €39,495

  1. Kia Soul EV
    Although it went on sale in 2019, this car is still a popular model with Irish buyers, and this time the new version is high spec, high tech and also not badly priced.

Range: 425km
Price: €35,995

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