Where will you be on St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is an international event with incredible parades and celebrations around the globe. Are you thinking of going somewhere new this 17th March? We’ve rounded up some ideas for you to peruse…

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Though it’s often called “The Paris of South America,” the Argentinian capital looks more like Dublin every March 17th.


The Singapore River is dyed green, costumes are donned, and a Harley-Davidson convoy leads the pack at the Singapore St. Patrick’s Day Parade, the largest celebration in Southeast Asia.

The St. Patrick’s Society of Singapore (comprised mostly of ex-pats) also hosts an annual ball at the Shangri-la Hotel with free-flowing wine and beer, live music, prize drawings, and Irish dancing.

Oslo, Norway

Every year the Norwegian Irish Society gathers on Jernbanetorget to have Norway’s largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

New York

Epic parties, live music events and Irish fare, bringing Irish pride to the streets of Manhattan.

Birmingham, England

The oldest parade and one of the biggest in England, about 80,000 people line the streets with live music, food, drinks, and entertainment in the Emerald Village.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Street parades, plenty of music, food, drink and Denmark’s unique 3-legged St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The people of Vilnius celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by turning the Vilnele River green as well as loads of fun activities such as music, food and a model Guinness ship floating down the river.

Padua, Italy

Would it surprise you to know that one of Europe’s best St. Patrick’s Day festivals happens in Italy? Every year over 25,000 people descend on the historic university town of Padua, just a short drive from Treviso, to have a party at “Festa Irlandese”.

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